Choose the Wine Cellar Style that Suits You the Best

People who want to have stylish wine cellars can choose from a wide range of options given by the wine-cellar makers. Tailored wine rack varieties are offered by many wine cellar constructors. However, there are lot many styles from which one can choose. Some of those are spiral cellars, traditional wine cellars, Sommelier select, curve, revolve and reveal, peg system, modern wine cellars, label link, label ladder, ring and architectural series.

Place Offering Your Favourite Wine Cellar Style Needs to be Searched

Spiral cellars generally come with motorized doors of tile, wood or glass. These have the capacity to up to 1,900 bottles with a depth of 10 inches. Collector’s edition wine cellars are customized or modular wooden wine racking systems. They have cabinets, counters, arches and shelves and about four woods and one finish option. Specifically lacquer is the finish material used and this kind of cellar is traditional one. Sommelier select is a traditional or classic contemporary cellar rack.

Curve is also a classic or traditional kind of wine cellar and it is of three kinds – horizontal, vertical and curve-on-curve. It has a wide range customization, finish or display options. It is also a high premier quality cellar like Sommelier select. Revolve and reveal is a classic and contemporary style wine cellar with a large number of drawer displays. It is a high-quality wine cellar rack that can be hand-finished and also open to various finish options. Peg system is a customized metallic wine racking with options of three different bottle densities. There are alternative metal and wood backing systems and custom patterns are also available.

Label link is also a customized metallic wine racking system that allows six kinds of bottle densities. In this case also, thousands of metal, wood and alternative backing systems are available. It offers horizontal display of labels and brushed powder and aluminium options are available. Label ladder is a customized metal wine cellar that can be affixed to the ceiling and the floor. It can be placed ideally in front of glass walls and offers nine options of bottle density. In this case, the available option is powder coating. Ring is again a customized metal wine racking system that can be attached to the ceiling and floor. It can also be placed in front of glass walls and the option of coating available in this case is powder coating. This racking is made with the help of aircraft steel cable and aluminium rings. Architectural wine cellars justify the saying ‘anything is possible’. It portrays the unique engineering and designing.

One can know about all the above styles of wine cellars and choose the option that suits him/her the best. Then, it would require searching of the place that offers making of the particular kind of wine cellar.

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