Check Out The Details About The Juicers Before Buying It

Whether it is a fresh fruit juice, vegetable juice or a mix of the two, it is the healthiest drink to kick start your day. A glass of fresh juice helps to keep you healthy and increases your immunity for better health. It is an alternative for the solid or whole fruits and vegetables. In the process of juicing, the pulp is removed and only the liquid portion of the fruit or veggies is consumed. Juices are the rich source of nutrient and save your digestive system to put effort in digestion. Juices are recommended for the patients who are unable to swallow whole food and need to survive on the liquid diet. There are plenty of health benefits of the juices that compel the individuals to consume it daily.

Buy your juicer today

Generally, it is difficult for the people to go to the juice shop to drink juice every day. They look for the smart solution at home by which they can get the glass of fresh juice ready instantly. Extracting juice from the traditional methods is not only difficult but also messy. Hence, the juicers are the right appliance which every kitchen should have. It is the great appliance which helps in extraction of various juices.

The market is full of the various types of juicers of different brands, so if you do not have any idea about the specifications of the juicer, then you need to know before you decide the right juicer for your needs.

Find the juicer for your type

Some popular types of juicers available in the market are as follows:

Masticating juicers

These are the more advanced juicers that you will find in the market. They are highly efficient and compact in size which makes it easier for the house owners to use them on the daily basis. These are efficient but slow in operations hence there is less friction produced which prevents spoiling the taste and nutrition of the juice.

Hydraulic press juicers

As the name suggests, in this type of juicer pressure is exerted to extract the juice from the whole raw fruit or vegetable. This type of juicer works on the principle of cutting the fruits or veggies and then preparing a mash out of it. Later the pressure is applied on it to extract the juice. The advantages of this type of juicer are that these are noiseless in operation, pulp is completely converted into the juice, efficient in extracting juices of the leafy veggies and there is no heat produced.

Centrifugal juicers

This type of juicer is similar to the washing machines. It has the spinning container in which the fruits or veggies are needed to be put. The spinning blade cuts the whole item into such small pieces so that the juice is extracted. There is a strainer attached to the vessel through which the juice is allowed to pass.  The pulp remains in the container and all the juice is extracted into a separate jar. These are faster than the hydraulic press juicers and easy to operate. The disadvantage of this type of juicer is that it is noisy and generally larger in size.

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